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Spring and Fall
An environmentally friendly way to refresh your lawn.

Routine overseeding is a great way to help your lawn in an environmentally friendly manner. Overseeding is the process of adding new grass seed into an existing lawn. Doing so adds new seed varities to your lawn to thicken against weeds, strengthen against disease and insects, and make your lawn younger and more vibrant.

Overseeding Equipment

We utilize a mechanized slit seeder that does three things in one! It cuts tiny slits in the lawn for seed, it drops the seed into these slits, and it pulls thatch up to the top of the lawn.

We always make two passes.

When performing overseeding service, our team members conduct two perpendicular passes to ensure complete and thorough coverage. To learn more about this service please contact us below!

Leave the thatch!

In most cases, lawn thatch should be left to help the new seeds germinate. We assess every property to make sure we take the right course of action for your specific proerty.

Overseeding Pricing

Our overseeding service uses a elite type fescue (other options available per request) and is based off of your property size. Routine overseeding is great for an already established lawn.

Image by Fauzan Saari
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