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Lawn Strip

Core Aeration

Spring and Fall
An all-natural solution to help you lawn.
Core Aeration

Lawn aeration (core aeration) is a great way to naturally help your lawn. Core aeration is the process of pulling 1 - 3 inch "plugs" of grass and soil. This will decompact the soil, allow oxygen and nutrient circulation, and promote a healthier lawn. Core aeration uses no chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

This service is performed in the spring and fall -  we recommend getting your lawn aerated no more than two times a year. Pair core aeration with lawn overseeding for some astonishing results.

Core Aeration Equipment

Depending on your yard size and gate size, we utilize either a walk behind aerator or a ride-on aerator. We are happy to accommodate any special requests you may have.

We always make two passes.

When performing core aeration service, our team members conduct two perpendicular passes to ensure complete and thorough coverage. To learn more about this service please contact us below!

Be sure to leave the plugs!

After service, you will see many finger size "plugs" of grass and soil - many people mistake these for goose droppings. The plugs are great for your lawn and help move the soil around and provide added protection to new grass growing in. 

Core Aeration Pricing

Core aeration is performed no more than twice a year. Please contact us for pricing and for more information about our core aeration pricing please click below!

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