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Park in the Fall

Fall Cleanup

Prepare your beds for winter.
Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup provides year end pruning, trimming, and leaf removal. Fall service is important to keep your plants a healthy size and prepare your landscaping for winter.

Image by Scott Webb
Typical Service Includes
  • Pruning shrubs, hedges, and dead limbs (15' or below.)

  • Removal of leaves from entire property

  • Cutting down grasses, hostas, and other necessary perennials. 

When should service take place?

Fall cleanups are performed between October and December. It's best to plan ahead and schedule fall service earlier in the year.

Fall Cleanup Pricing

Fall cleanups are priced per service and include all debris removal. Additional leaf cleanups are priced separately.

Size of property, amount of trees, and size of beds are the main factors when quoting service.

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