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Sod Installation

Immediate eye-catching results.
Sod Installation

Sod is great for instant, luscious grass and with proper aftercare, is a long lasting alternative to planting grass seed. Sod is already established grass that is rolled up with the soil it grew into. 

Anytime we install sod we provide our clients with a "sod aftercare plan" that provides tips and tricks to having successful sod. We offer aftercare fertilization treatments to help root establishment and control grubs.

Typical Service Includes
  • Smoothing and preparing soil for installation

  • Adding nutrient-rich soil if necessary

  • Installing tall fescue or premium bluegrass sod

When should service take place?

Sod performs best when planted in spring or fall. With proper aftercare and watering, sod can still be successful in summer months.

Sod Installation Pricing

Sod is priced per the square foot. Additional considerations with sod installation is the existing soil condition, grade, and which type of sod is requested.

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