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Man Mowing Lawn

Planting Grass

Repair, rejuvenate, or restart your lawn
Planting Grass

Planting grass seed can repair dead spots in a lawn, rejuvenate and thicken an existing lawn, or fill in an area without grass. We believe in doing everything we can during the planting stage to ensure complete and successful growth.

Typical Service Includes
  • Smoothing and preparing soil for planting

  • Adding nutrient-rich soil if necessary

  • Installing grass seed, starter fertilizer, and seed protection.

When should service take place?

Seed grows best when planted in spring or fall. Grass seed can be planted during warm months with proper watering. 

Planting Grass Pricing

Grass seed pricing depends on the area being planted, what kind of seed will be planted, and how much preparation must take place.

Request a quote now for pricing.

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